I Don't Quite Get This Blog

What is Morning Dog Devotions all about?

It's kind of up to you. You can use it as an actual morning devotional (based on Dog, not God), or just read it because you like dogs.

Each post talks about a particular dog--or dogs in general--and ends with a simple takeaway message from the story, which becomes a little thought for the day. 

The final thought includes a quick exercise I plan to engage in that day, which you can do too, if it resonates with you.

Are you a dog expert of some kind?

I don't have a degree in dogology, but I've spent a lifetime collecting stories and observations of these soulful creatures. I've irritated a number of vets and dog trainers over the years with the question "Why is that?" so I've gathered a fair amount of curious facts I can share.

I also volunteer at Can Do Canines, where I irritate those experts as well.

And I'm a writer by profession, so the prose shouldn't be too annoying. 

I hope you enjoy reading MDD and take a moment to respond in the comment section.

                                                                                                                              -Carrie Maloney