Wednesday, August 13, 2014



Whether or not a person believes in organized religion, we all go to church. And by that I mean we've found a place (or two, or ten) that transports us up and out of our animal brains, onto a higher plane.

Thoughts of body, time, and personal struggle melt away as we lose ourselves in the spirit of the moment.

Personally, I have a church at South Point on Hawai'i, looking out over the ocean. I can also find church, sometimes, when I'm writing. And laughing with people I love? Hallelujah.

Each of our dogs has her own separate places of worship, but they also share one in common. Rose and Gracie have been faithful members of the River Church for years. Plunging into the sacred waters, they're figuratively and literally uplifted. They revel in the flow, completely forgetting their aching joints and the long wait until dinner.

Our responsibility as their people is to give them the chance to practice their devotion as often as possible. Luckily, another church of my own is watching our girls romp in the river.

Today I'm going to seek out one of my churches and spend a few celebratory minutes in blissful reverence. 


  1. I love that 'Church-y incense' smell when they get back in the car for the trip home.

  2. Yes, Mr. Mark! That well-known combo of mold, ranky scents, and fur.

  3. Was just thinking of South Point yesterday. My blood pressure was high before a stress test and they told me to think of a calming place...the sound of the air flow in the room transported me to South Point.


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