Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shape Shifting


  • Spends lots of her time looking inward, wondering if she’s all right
  • Spends the rest of her time studying us to see if we’re all right 
  • Tries to fix us when we’re not all right 
  • Knows the rules, embraces the rules, worries “I’m still within the rules, right?”


  • Lives to play
  • Can’t keep track of her own body parts (read: injuries--hers and ours)
  • Pushes her face through the snow on the run
  • Sleeps on the dining room table

Add Mark and myself to the pack, and we're talking FOUR wildly distinct personalities in our house--with at least one thing in common. We’re all pretty good at adjusting ourselves to fit into one another.

I’m going to take a little time today to think about my closest friends and their gracious acceptance of the many ways I’m unlike them.

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  1. We've always been wildly different, but somehow it feeds our souls in all the right ways. It makes me think we're alike and perfect friends.


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