Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shape Shifting


  • Spends lots of her time looking inward, wondering if she’s all right
  • Spends the rest of her time studying us to see if we’re all right 
  • Tries to fix us when we’re not all right 
  • Knows the rules, embraces the rules, worries “I’m still within the rules, right?”


  • Lives to play
  • Can’t keep track of her own body parts (read: injuries--hers and ours)
  • Pushes her face through the snow on the run
  • Sleeps on the dining room table

Add Mark and myself to the pack, and we're talking FOUR wildly distinct personalities in our house--with at least one thing in common. We’re all pretty good at adjusting ourselves to fit into one another.

I’m going to take a little time today to think about my closest friends and their gracious acceptance of the many ways I’m unlike them.


  1. We've always been wildly different, but somehow it feeds our souls in all the right ways. It makes me think we're alike and perfect friends.

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Be engaged, but be nice.